Oral Exam

A comprehensive oral health examination is part of an initial dental visit. At your initial visit, Drs. John, Susan or Lindy will generally do the following:

  • Review your medical history and current medications
  • Visually examine your mouth (teeth, tongue and gums), neck and jaw
  • Feel the surfaces of the teeth with an instrument (called an “explorer”) to detect dental decay (also known as “dental caries” or “cavities”)
  • Review your specific X-rays, which can show hidden cavities, tooth position, bone loss, and other bone abnormalities
  • Measure your periodontal (or “gum”) health.

Routine dental exams (or “check-ups”) are generally recommended twice a year. Your oral exam will help our dentists recommend a plan to treat and/or maintain your oral health condition. Early detection of dental problems can save time, money and discomfort. We will take time to discuss your exam and to answer any questions about our diagnosis or treatment options.

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